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United FT is dedicated to providing the best and most comprehensive service platform to its financial instrument Licensees. The Collateralized Variable Rate Demand Note (CVRDN) and the Managed Variable Rate Demand Note (MVRDN) are foundational products in our business model. However, we understand that ingenuity in product design is not all it takes to best assure that our Licensees succeed and our products find a sustainable home in the market. It takes the involvement of highly qualified financial service providers that are trained in applying United FT’s financial instruments in their respective core service areas to adopt those Licensees as new customers and clients.

Sitting at the hub of an ever-expanding group of professional firms and financial institutions as Preferred Vendors, United FT is honored to be associated with such quality service providers that, together, bring a turn-key support system to life for the benefit of our Licensees. Through a cooperative perspective of working in lock-step with those Preferred Vendors, we are able to .....

UFT Commercial Finance

"Our Preferred Vendors are our allies as we are also theirs; seeking to deliver upon a mutual promise of professional support that will further
the commercial interests of both.” 

United FT recognized early that those institutions that have taken the initiative to step up alongside our firm to bring our innovative financial technologies to the fore in the market have the vision to see value where others see risk. As such, we also have come to understand that
our team of Preferred
d Vendors are aggressive champions of United FT’s products. Those forward-thinking professional services firms have taken the time to understand our mission in the marketplace and what our products can mean to new users in terms of savings and opportunity when those technologies and systems are implemented at the right time for the right companies.

Participating Lender Network

In the operation of either the CVRDN or MVRDN, the role of pre-qualified, sophisticated, investment grade commercial banks, finance companies, insurance companies, investment banks and guarantors as a source of quality credit enhancement is undeniable. As such, United FT understands that institutional participation and support of the foundational credit enhancement practices must be a focus in assuring the effective adoption of these instruments in the marketplace. With this in mind, a wide-spread institutional educational and recruitment program has been undertaken in order to illustrate the benefits of issuance of letters of credit and the establishment of the Reserved Tender Advance Facilities as alternative credit tools to traditional term loans, credit lines, leverage facilities, and mortgage structures.

The following profiles each available form of credit enhancement vehicle used in support of the various components and operations of the CVRDN or MVRDN, as the case may be.

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UFTCF Master Participation Agreement
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