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“Our Preferred Vendors are our allies as we are also theirs; seeking to deliver upon a mutual promise of professional support that will further the commercial interests of both.”

United FT's team of Preferred Vendors are forward-thinking professional services firms that have taken the time to understand our mission in the marketplace and what our products can mean to new users in terms of savings and opportunity. 

Because our Preferred Vendors are intimately familiar with the operations of United FT’s financial products, they see how our products may be applied for the benefit of their clients, associated firms and customer base. They also understand how bringing United FT’s products into focus for third parties can not only be healthy and beneficial for those third party firms, but can mean new business opportunities and growth for the Preferred Vendor down the line.

Bearing all this in mind, many of our Preferred Vendors have been seeking a firm foundation upon which they may stand while trumpeting the potential to the marketplace of applying United FT’s products. United FT has heard that call and responded with the establishment of our Institutional Agent Program.

The Institutional Agent Program automatically qualifies each and every Preferred Vendor to represent United FT authoritatively to other companies that may benefit from applying our products. Under a standard set of terms and conditions, each Preferred Vendor in its capacity as an Institutional Agent, may, at its discretion, act to introduce our products directly to qualified firms in the marketplace with a solid and reasonable expectation of full corporate support from United FT both in terms of concise product delivery execution and certain financial consideration.

In large part, our Preferred Vendors have found that it takes little more effort than listening to the needs of their customers and clients to recognize opportunities where United FT’s products can potentially be of assistance to those parties. It takes no special training, except by special election of our Preferred Vendors to upgrade their systematic comprehension of our financial technologies, and can yield substantial benefits to new Licensees and Preferred Vendor alike. Moreover, it takes no special efforts to gain Institutional Agency status. There are no contracts to review -- no decisions to make. As a respected Preferred Vendor, you are automatically qualified to take advantage of this special Program.

Learn more about the Institutional Agent Program so that your firm can benefit from promoting United FT in the normal course of your business. You can find a comprehensive profile of Institutional Agency Terms and Conditions in the “Documentation” section listed in the left-hand column.

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