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United FT is dedicated to providing the best and most comprehensive service platform to its financial instrument Licensees. The Collateralized Variable Rate Demand Note (CVRDN) and the Managed Variable Rate Demand Note (MVRDN) are foundational products in our business model. However, we understand that ingenuity in product design is not all it takes to best assure that our Licensees succeed and our products find a sustainable home in the market. It takes the involvement of highly qualified financial service providers that are trained in applying United FT’s financial instruments in their respective core service areas to adopt those Licensees as new customers and clients.

Sitting at the hub of an ever-expanding group of professional firms and financial institutions as Preferred Vendors, United FT is honored to be associated with such quality service providers that, together, bring a turn-key support system to life for the benefit of our Licensees. Through a cooperative perspective of working in lock-step with those Preferred Vendors, we are able to help our Licensees make the most of our products while fostering new commercial opportunities for our network of Preferred Vendors.

Strategic Alliance

United FT’s financial products are systematically designed. Each issuance, although different in its intended use of funds and the details of its offering documentation, follows a consistent path to completion. The Licensed Documentation provides the course map and the Preferred Vendors run the relay; passing the baton amongst themselves on behalf of the Licensee in order to bring an issuance across the finish line as efficiently as possible. There are sixteen different Preferred Vendor service categories that are aligned to cleanly and compliantly execute upon a Note Series issuance, administer those Notes and Note proceeds thereafter, and assure that both the interests of the Issuer and the Subscribers are satisfied. Each of those Preferred Vendors is strategically positioned in the process to assure a near seamless execution in both the eyes of the Licensee and of the marketplace.

Cooperative Alliance

United FT approaches its network of Preferred Vendors in a spirit of cooperation. It is important for our Preferred Vendors to understand that the staff of United FT is focused on providing support to the Preferred Vendor Network; not compete with it. United FT wants its Preferred Vendors to gain more market exposure, new clients, and expand their respective businesses through the new business and client referrals arising from United FT’s products and systems. When a firm is offered Preferred Vendor status, it is because United FT recognizes the value-add of that Vendor in performing a service for its Licensee. United FT needn’t try to replicate those services within its infrastructure, instead it looks for each Vendor to work together and contribute their expertise to the process. At United FT, team-building is the predominant theme amongst the members of the Preferred Vendor Network and our staff; open communication and cooperation is the byproduct.


United FT thrives on building new commercial solutions through technical ingenuity coupled with extraordinary professional associations. In consideration of each Preferred Vendors’ contribution of their specialized skills to our solutions, United FT seeks to make available new commercial opportunities to those Vendors. Whether in the form of new client referrals, project or transactional work, or even the opportunity to cross-sell or promote other services to our Licensees, the growth and success of our Preferred Vendors is a cornerstone of United FT’s ‘professional network’ philosophy. Moreover, as our Preferred Vendors become better trained and versed in what our financial products have to offer, it is our hope that our systems will come to represent one more solid financial tool that can be applied to help those Vendors and their existing customers to reach their business objectives. At United FT, we are building a highly-skilled network of professional firms that are well-trained in our financial products. Articulate professionals and innovative vehicles will breed economic opportunity for our Licensees and growth for our Preferred Vendors. Consider training for our team.

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Joanne Marlowe-Noren