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United FT is dedicated to providing outstanding pre-qualified customer referrals and new business opportunities to our Preferred Vendors. To do so, we recognize the need for free-flowing communications between ourselves and our Preferred Vendors. We must be ever-aware of the changing business landscape of the commercial banks, financial institutions, insurance companies, law firms, accounting firms and financial service providers that comprise our stable of institutional resources.

In order to assure that you as a Preferred Vendor always have ready access to speak directly with a United FT representative to voice a concern, make a suggestion, adjust a credit profile, or even just amend your contact information, we have created the Institutional Relations Group within our firm. This specialized group is far more than just customer service. They are trained in dealing with the issues unique to United FT’s Preferred Vendors with a focus on the special needs of commercial banks, financial institutions and insurance companies related to the CVRDN, MVRDN and CPC technologies.

United FT recognizes that the key to sustainable success of its financial products in the marketplace is rooted in fostering efficiencies in coordinating the needs and wants of its Licensees with the expertise and commercial interests of its Preferred Vendors. Through its Institutional Relations Group, United FT is building a firm foundation of open communication, common goals and mutual objectives with its Preferred Vendors to assure that we continue to bring real value to those institutions in years to come.

For general assistance, please contact the Institutional Relations Group at United FT:

By Mail:  By Phone:
United FT     847-604-8055
Attn: Institutional Relations
2333 Waukegan Rd.
Suite 260
Bannockburn, IL 60015

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