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Reserved Tender Advance Facility
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Master Participation
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To better assist our Preferred Vendors, United FT has appointed a special technical consultancy firm, RCM-millennia Corporation, to respond to case-sensitive technical questions that may arise during the deployment process of United FT’ financial products.

As the sole designated Preferred Vendor for Management Advisory and Technical Consultancy services to United FT’s Licensees, RCM-millennia Corporation will have reasonable familiarity with Licensee operations and project applications related to a scheduled Collateralized Variable Rate Demand Note (CVRDN) or Managed Variable Rate Demand Note (MVRDN) issuance. Such first-hand knowledge of issuance details best equips RCM-millennia Corporation to discretely assist Preferred Vendors in managing a variety of issuance, administrative and procedural matters that may require attention from time-to-time in dealing with sensitive technicalities arising from the deployment of a United FT's financial technology or responding to Licensee inquiries. General technical support is provided to Preferred Vendors as a courtesy and is available upon request free-of-charge.

In the event that your organization desires in-depth training or requires extensive technical assistance that can not, in the opinion of RCM-millennia Corporation, be effectively delivered remotely, RCM-millennia Corporation is available for engagement on a fee basis as an independent consultant.  A technical consultant will be pleased to schedule and administer one and two-day on-site staff training sessions or supplemental focus training in the application of the CVRDN, MVRDN, CPC, or any other United FT financial technology related to or effecting a core service area of your organization. Please feel free to contact RCM-millennia Corporation directly for a customized training cost quotation or consultancy rate sheet and terms.

RCM-millennia may be contacted:

By Email:

By Mail:  By Phone:
RCM-millennia Corporation     847-486-9468
Attn: Technical Assistance
2333 Waukegan Road
Suite 260
Bannockburn, IL  60015


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