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United FT believes in fostering new efficiencies in unexpected places. When birthing the Collateralized Variable Rate Demand Note (CVRDN) for use by mid-market businesses and projects that had a high and consistent demand for debt capital, the professionals at UFT began to refine their relationships in the asset management marketplace. Through the analytical process of positioning and cultivating high-quality Interim Asset Managers as Preferred Vendors for CVRDN related financial services, the need for a low-cost leverage alternative for direct use by professionals in the alternative investment, investment management, and hedge fund market began to demonstrate itself. Thus, the seed of what has grown into the Managed Variable Rate Demand Note (MVRDN) was planted firmly in the minds of the financial engineers at United FT.

The MVRDN brings the investment or fund manager with a distinguishable investment strategy into an arena in which the “cost of credit” playing field is leveled and even slanted in its favor when it comes to accessing high volume debt ....

Joanne Marlowe-Noren

The MVRDN is a unique and efficient way for virtually any fund or asset manager that is subscribing to one or more of a variety of investment strategies to raise assets for management through the institutional capital markets. For example, the MVRDN can be utilized in support of:

Arbitrage Strategies    • Energy Trading
Lending Strategies    • Derivatives
Mortgage Backed Securities    • Asset-Backed Lending
Risk-Linked Strategies    • Commodities
Distressed Debt    • Equities
Conduits    • Corporate Restructurings
Real Estate
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A Reserved Tender Advance Facility (a “RTAF”) is a new type of credit enhancement vehicle that is specifically designed to create rating consistency, principal value support and certain liquidity when secured by investment portfolios of mixed grade securities, financial instruments, or other acceptable collateral.  When a high credit-quality RTAF is taken together with the enhancement afforded by an Interest Letter of Credit, the MVRDN is made investment grade and qualified for purchase by a money market institutional investor. An investment grade rating permits the MVRDN Issuer as Borrower to access debt capital sourced from the institutional capital markets on a non-leveraged and more cost effective basis than what may be customarily available when using traditional bank credit lines or leverage facilities.  There are two specific types of RTAFs that can be effectively utilized to both credit enhance the principal portion of the MVRDNs and to provide short term liquidity....

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