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CHICAGO, IL [November 13, 2006]  United Financial Technologies (UFT), an innovative designer and developer of financial instruments and solutions, held the second in a series of educational symposiums for businesses interested in learning the benefits UFT’s Collateralized Variable Rate Demand Note (CVRDN) to enhance commercial credit performance.

The private invitation-only event at The Peninsula Hotel in
Chicago was attended by nearly 100 top executives from well-respected firms from around the United States and international visitors from as far away as the US Virgin Islands and Africa.  Operating successfully in real estate development and investment, manufacturing, commercial lending and many other capital intensive asset-based commercial businesses, these executives learned from third party experts at Handler, Thayer & Duggan (a full-service law firm that services the high net worth individual and business owner, while specializing in satisfying the needs of many substantial family offices) and Plante & Moran (a mid-market accounting and tax firm with specialists in dealing with the needs of the real estate market) how the CVRDN could represent a more cost effective credit option for borrowers with aggregated finance needs over a 36 month period exceeding US$40 million.  Aided by technical illustrations and detailed case studies, this audience of sophisticated credit users from across the United States saw demonstrated how, over a 15 year illustrative case study,  a $41 million credit user could enhance its cashflows, commercial yield and performance when compared to conventional borrowing practices.  

The symposium successfully showed how a borrower could access UFT’s turn-key financial methodologies via the acquisition of a technology license that provides technical guidance and access to UFT’s qualified list of Preferred Vendors to act as financial service providers to execute the CVRDN in the marketplace on behalf of the borrower/licensee.   Varying from Corporate Trustees, Placement Agents, Fiscal Agents, Principal Letter of Credit Underwriters, Interest Letter of Credit Issuers, Accountants, Title Services, and several others,
all of UFT’s Preferred Vendors have been practically trained or educated in the specific application of the CVRDN technology.  That training enables them to efficiently service each borrower/licensee through a sophisticated support that is designed to ease the CVRDN issuance process and enable successful and consistent borrowing practices in the capital marketplace. 

If you are operating a credit-worthy and established firm with outstanding credit lines,  loans or bonds/notes supporting your financing needs and you foresee a consistent need for credit or finance to continue to operate your business effectively, learn more about how the CVRDNs can be applied as a highly efficient portal to outsourcing borrowings to the capital markets.  Please visit our website at, click on “Contact Us Now” to submit a CVRDN Visitor Inquiry to tell us about your firm and place an order for a complementary copy of the DVD copy of Licensee Symposium presentation.  We regret we can only provide one complementary copy per company, any additional copies will require payment of a small fee.

Please watch our website for a list of upcoming educational symposiums. 


The CVRDN financial solution appeals to credit-worthy companies with capital-intensive business models that consistently utilize debt financing. It is an interest-only financial instrument, which increases cash flow and allows debt capital to be pooled prior to allocation into the commercial operation of the CVRDN Issuer as borrower. The CVRDN build upon the best of the traditional Variable Rate Demand Note [VRDN] by qualifying for short-term/weekly interest rates that are woven over long-term finance commitments through the use of a “put” coordinated with a remarketing function. The CVRDN represents a cornerstone improvement on traditional VRDNs by doing away with a one-off or granular approach to rousing capital markets driven finance opportunities.

United Financial Technologies' business model includes the creation and implementation of a standardized approach to accessing capital from the institutional capital marketplace for all types of users. For example, the CVRDN is a natural fit for companies in the following industries: Auto; Equipment Financing & Leasing; Real Estate Development; Real Estate Investment; Manufacturing; Construction; Maritime; Hospitality; Entertainment; Trade Finance; and Land Banking.

United Financial Technologies, a designer and developer of financial instruments and solutions, is a privately held company headquartered in Bannockburn, Illinois. Learn more about UFT at


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