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Joanne Marlowe joins key entrepreneurs as Citigroup Smith Barney produces DVD to promote link between Private Wealth Management and Investment Banking Services 

As part of a private wealth management and business development DVD presentation, Citigroup Smith Barney selected Joanne Marlowe, CEO of United Financial Technologies, and five other successful entrepreneurs from around the United States to discuss issues currently affecting mid-market business owners. With a focus on educating the business community about the close link between personal and business issues in the life of a successful entrepreneur, Smith Barney assembled a diverse cast of players to illustrate the importance of coordinating private wealth management and investment strategies with sound business management practices in order to promote a better quality of life for its entrepreneurially-minded clients.

A conversational tone permeates this informative video piece with one business owner sharing his or her thoughts and feelings about business with other business owners as the viewing audience. Joanne Marlowe contributed her thoughts on business strategy, financing obstacles and solutions, effective growth planning, and a variety of exit strategies for the mid-market business owner. Interestingly, with financial and credit issues being a common obstacle to the effective growth and management of almost any business operation, Marlowe took occasion to highlight how UFT's Collateralized Variable Rate Demand Note ("CVRDN") can be coordinated with existing bank relationships to offer a cost-effective financial alternative to many mid-market and larger business owners that need consistent debt financing as part of their core business model.  

Citigroup Smith Barney will be distributing this DVD package to independent financial planners, family offices, and their mid-market and larger private wealth and investment banking clients.


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