Collateralized Variable Rate Demand Note
Collateralized Variable Rate Demand Note
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CHICAGO [February 27, 2009] - United Financial Technologies ("UFT"), a designer and developer of financial instruments and solutions, signs Chicago Title for title services as part of UFT’s Preferred Vendor Network. Chicago Title will be on the ready to provide title work in support of those of UFT’s Licensee’s whose business models call for escrow, title and closing services. Primarily, it will be on call to provide title services to those of UFT’s Licensee’s that focus on the real estate and development industries as well as large asset acquisitions.

“We see the role for title services as a final step in holding true to a policy of full transparency with regard to the use of CVRDN proceeds by UFT's Licensees.  Chicago Title, through the delivery of their services, helps us to create a web of checks and balances in support of maintaining very practical benchmarks that demonstrate best transactional governance practices as to proper use and deployment of proceeds.  Moreover, in  a market in which letter of credit issuances may need to be participated amongst several institutions in order to meet more substantial credit needs, having the people in place  to assure the asset closings are handled by-the-numbers is something that the capital market institutional investor and participating lenders will regularly demand,” comments Joanne Marlowe, Chief Executive Officer, United Financial Technologies.

UFT’s Preferred Vendors represent a select group of financial service providers that have committed to being trained and becoming knowledgable in certain of UFT financial technologies, such as the CVRDN and Credit Participation Certificate.  As Corporate Trustees, Placement Agents, Fiscal Agents, Principal Letter of Credit Underwriters, Interest Letter of Credit Issuers, Accountants, Title Companies, and others, these Vendors constitute a sophisticated support system for UFT's Licensees. Marlowe added, "As with any structured product, it is the people and firms that implement it that make the product a true success.  A structure is just that -- a structure -- the experts that commit to that structure are the cornerstones who make it useful and help it stand the test of time."

The CVRDN financial solution appeals to credit-worthy companies with capital intensive business models that consistently utilize debt financing. It is an interest-only financial instrument which increases cash flow and allows debt capital to be pooled prior to allocation into the commercial operation of the CVRDN Issuer as borrower. The CVRDN build upon the best of the traditional Variable Rate Demand Note [VRDN] by qualifying for short-term/weekly interest rates that are woven over long-term finance commitments through the use of a “put” coordinated with a remarketing function. The CVRDN represents a cornerstone improvement on traditional VRDNs by doing away with a one-off or granular approach to raising capital markets driven finance opportunities.

The Credit Participation Certificate (CPC) is a patent-pending instrument developed by United Financial Technologies that serves as a standardized approach to syndicating or participating select Credits amongst a diverse body of Qualified Participants.  The CPC represents a given lender's participating interest in a specific Credit, whether such Credit be constituted by a conventional loan or funded credit facility or by the issuance of a Principal Letter of Credit as such is called for under the operation of a CVRDN.  Through the entry into a Master Participation Agreement, every participating lender rests assured that the governing general terms and conditions related to a CPC are consistent from one credit to the next.  In this way, greater efficiencies in administrating the issuance, purchase and resale of a CPC are fostered and the potential for CPC market liquidity over time is enhanced.

United Financial Technologies’ business model includes the creation and implementation of a standardized approach to accessing capital from the institutional capital marketplace for all types of users. For example, the CVRDN is a natural fit for companies in the following industries: Auto; Equipment Financing & Leasing; Real Estate Development; Real Estate Investment; Manufacturing; Construction; Maritime; Hospitality; Entertainment; and Trade Finance.


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Collateralized Variable Rate Demand Note