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LAKE FOREST, Ill., September 18, 2008 –  In a recent move to enhance available debt capital to meet the needs of lower-volume credit users, United Financial Technologies (UFT) granted its first and only multi-purpose/multi-use license of the CVRDN financial technology to UFT Commercial Finance, LLC (UFT Commercial Finance).  With the conventional credit markets suffering from major swings due to changing lending policies and on-going debt capital shortages, the advancement of UFT Commercial Finance as a private lender will introduce new sources of credit into the mid-market commercial business sector.  The UFT Commercial Finance business model is focused on providing senior and mezzanine debt in the $3 million to $50 million (US dollars) range for a variety of asset-based, cash-flowing businesses.

"The granting of this type of CVRDN license is a departure from UFT's foundational practices in that it is aimed at helping credit-worthy, lower-volume borrowers access debt capital to support their commercial operations and asset based borrowing needs." said Joanne Marlowe, CEO of UFT.  "In a market that seems paralyzed by the demise of the mega investment bank and the devaluation of assets in key market segments, agility, creativity and inter-institutional cooperation in commercial lending is going to be the hallmark of the next generation of successful bankers.  By locking in a reliable source of wholesale credit and availing it on an inter-bank/inter-lender platform that is designed to strengthen the mid-market and regional bank, UFT Commercial Finance has two high-powered economic engines driving the train."

"We are excited about entering the market at a time in history when there are vacancies in the credit marketplace to be filled and a wealth of quality projects and borrowers from which to choose." said Henri Atamian, Manager of UFT Commercial Finance's Scottsdale Office.  "We expect to issue our first CVRDN in support of our mid-market lending approach by the end of this year.  Our goal is to deploy credit through our network of qualified account executives and lender marketing agents to reach both quality borrowers and healthy mid-market lenders.  This type of coordinated push will deepen the pool of available credit in the marketplace and move it efficiently onto main street business activities as 2009 opens," continued Atamian.

UFT Commercial Finance holds rights to certain financial technology developed by UFT that permits the establishment of a master wholesale networked lending marketplace among mid-tier and regional banks throughout the United States and abroad.  The advent of a Participating Lender Network combined with a standard set of master credit terms and conditions promotes greater transparency and the introduction of aggregated credit-linked liquidity.  UFT Commercial Finance is a privately held non-depository lender with offices in the Chicago and Phoenix metropolitan areas.

UFT is the owner of licensing rights to the CVRDN financial instrument.  The CVRDN appeals to subscribers and investors in the institutional capital markets that are seeking a high-volume money-market investment alternative.  The CVRDN is an interest-only debt instrument that can be used to increase cash flow and allow large volumes of debt capital to be raised by a Note Issuer in anticipation of its incremental allocation to qualified commercial applications.
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