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Chicago, IL [March 16, 2009] - United Financial Technologies celebrates the launch of UFT Commercial Finance's new web-based portal for the delivery of its credit aggregation services in support of United Financial Technologies' licensees.    UFT Commercial Finance, a private non-depository commercial lender and Network Manager of the Participating Lender Network developed in partnership with United Financial Technologies, brings the prospect of new sources of funding to the liquidity-starved mid-market sector.  Specifically, UFT Commercial Finance is working aggressively to bring its credit aggregation services to the aid of commercial lenders that are engaging in the issuance of various letters of credit in support of the operation of the Collateralized Variable Rate Demand Note ("CVRDN").  

"Today, when balance sheet is so treasured by many banks and financial institutions, the ability to undertake and engage in a credit transaction via the issuance of a letter of credit rather than the full funding of a loan has undeniable value.  This is the option afforded by the operation of a CVRDN.  However, that isn't enough right now.  The banks and financial institutions also need to be able to take consistently smaller bites of credits that they are supporting, keeping their retained interest and credit exposure to an individual project nimble and manageable. This is why what UFT Commercial Finance is doing both for our letter of credit banks and licensees is so important," explains Joanne Marlowe, Chief Executive Officer of United Financial Technologies.  "UFT Commercial Finance, through their new web portal, is delivering a well-defined networked credit mechanism that easily and readily invites a broad base of lenders to participate in select qualifying credits that face the market to support the issuance of a CVRDN.  As a result, banks can not only enter a transaction on an 'unfunded' basis by issuing a letter of credit instead of making a full loan, but they can also reduce their exposure to that transaction by working in tandem with other banks to defray the credit risk."   

UFT Commercial Finance holds rights to certain financial technology developed by United Financial Technologies that permits the establishment of a master wholesale networked lending marketplace among mid-tier and regional banks, financial institutions and private lenders throughout the United States and abroad.  This Participating Lender Network is an efficient mechanism for coordinating its members to not only support credits originated by UFT Commercial Finance, but to permit its members to participate in letters of credit that are regularly required by United Financial Technologies' licensees.  

“We set out to build a universal, globally-scaled network that tethers together our Qualified Participants under common master terms and conditions that can be applied by each Lender to better support their customers when acting as credit originators and diversify their credit portfolios when acting as credit participants.  As Network Manager, it is our job to aid them in their aggregation efforts and to assure quality control of originated credits," says Henri Atamian, Executive Vice-President of UFT Commercial Finance.  "As we look at the natural and good fit with United Financial Technologies, we can see how the application of the UFT Commercial Finance Participating Lender Network fills a real need for banks today that are finding ways to better manage balance sheet through letter of credit issuances, but still need ways to keep their exposure to individual credits manageable.  With our new web-based functionality and presence, we are confident in our ability to service our Participating Lenders with increased speed and efficiency."

The UFT Commercial Finance web site was designed by disEntropy, Inc.,  which also designed the UFT web site.  “We integrated a secure document manager, content management system, secure login areas, and credit forms necessary for better management of potential borrowers and lenders.  The portal enables UFT Commercial Finance to manage and make available to its clients and other qualified parties, a high volume of forms, agreements and other documentation in a secure, real-time, on-demand basis.  The site includes a Knowledge Center, news and information pages, account executive listings, and account tools targeted for the particular user’s needs.” said Chad Scott, President of disEntropy.  “Due to the sensitive nature of the UFT Commercial Finance business model and operations, we built the site such that access beyond the landing page for the website is permitted only by input of a login and password.”  

Users must be granted a login to access the UFT Commercial Finance’s web site that will be assigned based upon the role of that User when dealing with UFT Commercial Finance.  To apply for a login, send an e-mail to customerservice@uftcf.com.  


United Financial Technologies, a designer and developer of financial instruments and solutions, is a privately held company headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. Learn more about UFT at www.unitedft.com.  

UFT Commercial Finance, a subsidiary of United Financial Technologies, Inc., is an alternative credit solutions company and the Network Manager of the Master Participating Lender Network.  It is a privately held company with offices in Chicago, Illinois and Scottsdale, AZ. Learn more about UFT Commercial Finance at www.uftcf.com.

disEntropy is an Internet technology development firm located in Iowa City, Iowa.  For more information visit www.disentropy.com.



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